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  • In depth channel reading 

I strongly recommend this in depth reading as Starlight dives deep into these aspects of your life in great detail.She told me about events that would happen in my life and they did so accurately!All the events she said would occur in February and March did so powerfully.

The guides she channelled gave fantastic advice and I have taken them  which has changed my life dramatically in an amazing way! Pathways into other forms of Holistic therapy has opened up for me after many years of procrastinating.I'm following my heart now rather than the will of others so I can say she brings out your own power.

What Starlight does is she deeply channels information from your guides most accurately but also helps by giving great spiritual advice and coaching.

It is done by Video so you can replay it.She is a gifted Psychic and the real deal.

Please choose this service, you won't be disappointed 100% guaranteed.

Thank you Startlight. :)   

  • Past life reading



Atlantis came through deeply in my In depth reading session with Starlight which made me do a life reading.This  sparked my interest seeing as that is what woke me up 8 years ago in recurring dreams,documentaries, experiences and even in a past life regression a few years ago showed me this connection.

She even told me of the Egyptian and Asian connection which i have had throughout my life.I cannot begin  to tell you how much dead-on information just comes out in this reading. It has greatly changed my life.It makes you understand what lifetimes truly tie into your present one.It's so insightful,now I'm starting to understand myself more. and so will you!

I absolutely Recomment this reading!

Thank you Starlight


This is the little Scottish girl....for ten bucks I got to ask her 3 questions she sent me back a video this time very cool full of information and healing.


I am a regular return client of Starlight's and I have to tell you I can't say enough good stuff about her!! She is immensely gifted, accurate, so kind, calming and patient...oh and did I say ACCURATE? She has always been so wonderfully understanding with me and my situation (which is quite complex) and assured me it would all work out. I did have some blocks in my situation which were preventing things from moving forwarded as predicted but she was able to do a clearing and healing and now I am so excited to say that I am seeing the progress she predict coming through!! 

Honestly I was very skeptical, not of star's gifts but just because everything was so messy in my life and I was seeing no progress for so long. I was starting to lose faith and question why I was hanging on to this situation when every sign told me to let go but then why would my heart not let me do so? Every time I needed her she was there to reassure me that everything would work out....even though I had pestered her about the same thing over and over again...she was never anything but kind and understanding!

Her readings are consistent, accurate, detailed and when you ask a question she goes into full precise detail so you aren't left with more questions. 

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend her to anyone and the more I work with her the more she becomes to feel like a friend and not just someone I am paying for a service, which is very nice!

Again....can't say enough good things about her....I simply love her!!



Star  has most amazing gift and many or all of her predictions and readings have come true and have been extremely helpful in my journey and healing. Blessings. 

By: SS



In January of 2017, I had a neck surgery that left the left side of my mouth and part of my face paralyzed.   I reached out to Stacey in total despair.   I had been to see a top neuroligist in Miami and was told that something went wrong in my surgery and I had very bad nerve damage and that there was a high probability that I would never recover.   I was completely devastated.   I could not smile at all.   My face just pulled and twisted up on one side because the nerves were so badly damaged.  I was terrified and so was the surgeon that performed my neck surgery.   I reached out to Stacey in a panic and had an emergency reading in which I included up-close pictures of my face both before and after the severe nerve damage.   She did a channeled reading for me and reassured me that YES it will heal.   She was AMAZING.  Stacey was very confident with her answer and kept reassuring me that she always trusts whatever information Spirit gives her and even though I don’t see any healing yet, that yes it WILL come.   She also gave me timing and tips on what I need to do on my end.   I did a forgiveness exercise on myself and others, I prayed and meditated, did sea salt baths, sage candles and just took care of myself and showed myself with a lot of love.    Finally, about 6 weeks into it, I began to heal!!  I now have my full smile again!!  I cannot put into words how incredibly helpful Stacey has been to me with helping me heal and with so many other areas of my life too.   I thank God for her.   She has been such a beautiful blessing in my life and Im sure for many others as well.  Her gift is so very real. Her spirit is kind and warm and beautiful.  I highly suggest her to anyone and everyone.   She is really in tune with Spirit and can help in a very big way.   I am so honored and blessed to have met her.   She is such a gift!