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Welcome to my website, this is where you will find your clarity and all direction you are seeking in life. My service's as below offer you a great detail of readings and video recordings.

My email address is to send your information that is requested to help the channelling process


17 days for readings to sent.


May you all be blessed, and may all your hopes, and wishes come true. 

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Question Guidance 

5 Questions Video Recording 

Send me your name and any other names involved your 5 questions after payment. 

Price £30.00   30 mins 

3 Questions Video Recording 

Send me your name and any other names involved your 3 questions after payment. 

Price £20.00  17 mins

Love Guidance

Twin Flame / Soul Mate Guidance Video Recording

Are we Twin flames?. What lessons are we learning?. Send me both of your names to channel after payment. 

Price £40.00     40 mins




Healing Karma In Life Video Recording 

Struggling in your Your life, find out what is blocking you. Send me your name, and names involved and short detail of the situation after payment.

Price £40.00   40 mins


New Love Singles Looking Video Recording

Send me your name and I will channel who is your love.

Price £40.00  40 mins 

In-depth Readings 

Spirit Guides/ Angels who is your guide. Video Recording, Divine messages from beings of love in depth Video recording

Price £50.00  50 mins 

3 Months Guidance Channelled Events Coming In Price 40.00 40 mins 

Past Life, Life Purpose Reading. What Talents do you have to share from your past life. 

Price 40.00   40 mins 

New!! Yearly Guidance 

January - December 2020 event taking place. Price 80.00 60 mins or more 

Reiki Healing

This is a service for clearing karmic blockages in past life's. With all negativity this will be done as in the full moon ritual. Price is £45.00

No Ritual, Reiki Remote Healing. This is for clearing of the chakra's areas in the body and to send healing to uplift the energy to positive. Price is £40.00

Reiki Offers Packages 

Love & Relationships Guidance. Reiki Remote Healing & Price £50.00  50 mins

Who Is Your Spirit Guides, Angels reading messages they want to share. Reiki Remote Healing Price £80.00  60 mins 

Emergency Reading 24 Hour

Price £44.00