All readings are for entertainment purposes only as the law has changed now.


However i do give the best of my channelling readings to clients and really help them be in their own light of love and peace.

Data Information

What Star light will ask from you.



Star light keeps all information confidential and never gives to any third party. Unless advised otherwise to do so by the client all details are confidential. 

Confirmation of the payment

Paypal is the procedure i use for all payments being made. 

The paypal informaton will state 

Your Full name 

Your address 

E-mail address which reading will be sent.

Any problems with the payment please contact my E-mail.


After Payment has been made. Clients will be on a paid list and will be contacted to send details by what service they purchase. 


Booking readings

You must be 18 years of age. Be the bill payer or have permission from the Bill payer. 


As i am very busy person i get booked up very quick. I will only offer a refund one time only. Prior to cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. 

Any concerns in law of Medial please do advised to seek professional qualified person in this area. 

Channelled readings are to be advise and guidance only and direction for the client.



Healing sessions

Please be aware this is healing energy guidance. It not use for any form for medical treatment. for this reason you are advised to go to the a medical professional.


I channel through the best of my guidance and the time i take to channel each reading will be all done on Google mail video Email.

The reason for this because i need absolute silence to channel all information accurate and no distractions can be when i am working with the divine.


Readings to be Sent 


It takes 3 weeks for readings to be sent. Now I am doing the reiki healing & rituals it will take longer for readings to be sent. 

Unless I have Year Ahead Readings for 2017 it may take longer.


I do also appreciate the patience of the clients who are waiting for my channelling to be sent. Is very good you are patient with me to keep the energy on a good level.


Those who are not to be patient with me will be getting a refund. As i dont tolerate this as it makes me annoyed and will affect my energies not good on the other clients.


So they will be getting refund also not to come back to me. 


Disclaimers messages


Please pay attention to my disclaimers on my website on the service page as it changes from time to time.


It tells you the dates when i will not be available to do channelling readings please make sure you are checking this often. 


I wish you every success on this journey of light with me from my guides and angels.



Star light