Assertiveness Coaching Sessions 

 Assertiveness coaching is about being happier with who you are. 

Speaking your truth what is right for you, it is about getting to why you are not happy.


In these sessions I will be giving you tools how to over come fears. Which has been holding you back from manifesting all the things you want in your life.

I will give you the knowledge and wisdom from my guides, angels and also all the training I have been giving on this course. I do hope we can help you to really open yourself up to knowing what you need to release.


After payment is made I then send you questionnaire to answer, and to be sent back to me. 

In E-mail and then I will begin your sessions.


Base on your answers I will then help you to really open yourself up to move love & light and to get the life you desire. 

E- mail Coaching Only.

The price will be £30.00 Email 

each session.