It's great to have you here, we hope enjoy our services. Stacey is a qualified practitioner in Reiki, and heals through her spirit guides, angels. Stacey has abilities of all the clairs

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience,

Clairalience, Claircognizance. 

May You Be Blessed and Loved 



Stacey communicates with passed love ones, Archangels Angels, guides, all the divine beings of light.






"I cannot begin to describe how much it is WORTH IT to have a channeling done by Star Light. My reading with her was so enlightening and helped me gain much needed insight on a situation I had been battling with for nearly a year. Her channeling even opened my eyes to things about ME I didn't even know! If you have found Star Light, you have truly found a blessing in your life."

















you know every thing , specially after your healing session, my life started changing and more options become available to me


and again thank you so much :)


She is soooooo........ outstanding Wow everytime she is spot on







wow i was blown away, she is the real deal!!! divine angel walking on earth!!! amazing! million stars.





can't believe how accurate she is. Hits every subject without me saying anything. Very quick, kind and professional. Predictions are always right. Will be back










Amazing reader i will recommend her any one not a waste of money



A while back I came into Star's room and received a free question - I chose to ask when my ex will contact me. She said i'm sorry but not until the end of the year (it was February). Nevertheless, no word from my ex all year ... until the end of November. Out of the complete blue. She was so right. So again, I am at another crossroads and needed her help. I NEEDED to come back and get another reading. She is so spot on it is scary. Got names correct, gives timeframes. She is amazing. So happy I was able to connect with her again.


Starlight! She is soooo connected with higher beings (her guides) and is such a blessing by sharing her light and shedding light on my situation with consistent readings and great details. I wish had more time with her! She's also a great teacher. Who wouldn't want a reading with her? She's the real deal


Great and very very informative. I'm very happy with this reading because with no tools she was able to tune in to me and my circumstances. Asked very little questions and I was just amazed at the reading. She is phenomenal and I am so thankful for her help. i am so thankful for her insight and I am glad I had this session. This was my first reading with her. AMAZING! 5 stars all the way! ;)


Absolutely fantastic reading!! She did some meditation for me and this person that i had totally given up on contacted me after a very long time!! owe it to her... always calming and predictions coming true!! Thank you so much once again!


 Picked up a tattoo on someones body in the exact spot! She's awesome!


I love talking to Stacey! She is very accurate and to the point. Doesn't waste any time. I will definitely keep seeing her for insight! Thanks again and I will keep in touch.



Star is one of the finest!! she has taught me about love and how to remain true to who i am, while others have judged. ALWAYS on target and accurate, she guides with love, she is truly and earth angel, here to help all from a place of love. i so recommend her in all areas of concern, she is nothing but truth......might i say she is one of the best, can i give her 100 stars??? Love you star, ty soo soo much!!!



I had a perfect reading from Star Light. I'm honored to have received such beautiful and positive reading which now a days is difficult to find. Star Light has given me the strength to move forward in my endeavors, my relationships and my overall purpose in life. Not only did she respond to my questions but she gave me wonderful Angelic card reading which was exactly what I'm going through and confirmed my need to move on from my past. I enjoyed my reading so much and I'm sure I will have another one when in need of guidance. 



 just want to say thank you again, you are really gifted. I am so happy that I found you and the words you speak are very inspirational

Thank you so much!!!!!


I had a reading with starlight a couple of years ago and everything was completely spot on. what an angel, a very generous soul. she is wise beyond her years and very very evolved.know a little more about you.


I was waiting on a timeframe prediction before I left feedback. I had not heard from the guy in a few weeks and; haven't seen him in a month and a half. She said he would call me on Tuesday and we would see each other the coming weekend and it looks like Saturday. Well, he called out of the blue at 11 pm Monday night and he thought it was already Tuesday lol. He made plans with me for the weekend on Saturday. So, I will be back! I have never had a timeframe be true from a psychic before. I am hoping it is not a flukeeverything else is true as well! :) Thanks! You are amazing!